Concordia Theological Seminary

Emergency Notification System


Concordia Theological Seminary uses an automated call and email system to notify Students, Faculty and Staff of critical events such as school closings.  All on-campus faculty/staff and students currently at the Seminary should provide contact information for your safety.

The contact information supplied for this purpose is used only for contacting you for time-critical announcements.

You can submit or update this information by sending an email to  Your Campus Email and Campus Phone (if you have one) will be included automatically.

Note: Please allow 2-3 business days to process this information into the Emergency Notification system.


You may provide multiple pieces of contact data.  Here is a list of what you can provide for us:

  • Home Phone Number
  • Alternate Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Alternate Mobile Phone
  • Alternate Email (CTSFW email will be automatically included)
  • SMS (Text message) Number
  • TTY (for hearing impaired)

When you send an email, please indicate which of these contact methods should be primary.  If the system is used for non-emergency communications (i.e. all-clear after a weather event), the primary contact method will be the only one to receive the communication.


Notification FAQ

    1. What is the Emergency Notification System?
      The Emergency Notification System is a third-party call system that allows CTS to quickly notify students, faculty and staff of important conditions such as school closings.  Messages are created by security and set for distribution by phone, text, email and TTY.
    2. When will I be called or messaged?
      Notifications are generally sent out only for emergency or safety announcements such as school closings. 
    3. Who will receive notifications?
      All students actively enrolled in an on-campus course as well as all current, active faculty and staff.
    4. I am an SMP or Distance Learning student.  Will I receive notifications?
      No.  Only students currently attending on-campus classes will be notified.
    5. I will be on campus for an Intensive.  Will I receive notifications?
      Yes, while the Intensives are in session, enrolled students will be included.  You will automatically be dropped from the list when intensives are over.
    6. How long does it take to process my changes?
      Changes made on the Web Notification Information form should be active within 2 business days.
    7. What happens if I do not fill out this form?
      All students, faculty and staff are considered "opted in" by default.  If you do not fill out the form, notifications will be sent to the current contact information on file with the Seminary.
    8. Can I opt out of Emergency Notification?
      Yes and no.  You can opt out of all contacts that are not seminary-owned.  Seminary-owned contacts include all CTSFW campus phones such as office and dorm phones, and your CTSFW.EDU email address. However, it may not be wise to do so.
    9. I already verified my information.  Why am I being asked again?
      For the safety of faculty, staff and students, it is important that we have the most current contact information.  Students are required to re-verify contact information once a quarter.  Faculty and Staff are required to re-verify contact information annually.
    10. What is TTY?
      TTY is a teletype phone for the hearing impaired. 
    11. What is SMS?
      SMS is more commonly referred to as text messaging.  If your cell phone is text-enabled, you can receive notifications on your phone as a text message.  Please note that if you do not have a texting plan, you will likely be charged for incoming text messages.
    12. Why can't I make my SMS number my Primary Contact?
      The service provider requires that the primary contact number be a telephone number. They will not accept SMS or Email addresses as primary. If your mobile phone is set as your primary, and you also mark the same number to receive texts, you will receive both a call and a text for Outreach (non-emergency) notifications.
    13. My business number is at an extension.  Can I be notified on that number?
      Only if the extension can be dialed directly.  You should enter the direct-dial number for the phones you want called.  Emergency Notification does not support extensions or any other extended dialing or assisted dialing options.