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E-mail Preferences & Opt-out

New Registratants

If you have just registered for the site, please allow 2 business days for your registration to be processed.  Until then, you will not be able to manage subscriptions.  If you see the message "You may not update your profile at this time. Please try again later." below, your registration has not yet been processed.

If you would like to have us update your registrations now, you can email a request to

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E-Mail Opt-Out

Please note:  If you opt out here, you will receive no communications from Concordia Theological Seminary. 

Students, Faculty & Staff - Important Seminary communications will be sent to students, faculty and staff through this mail system.   If you opt out of this communication, you will not receive these communications and other important notices.  The Seminary will not disseminate this information in any other manner.  If you choose to opt out, you will be responsible for obtaining all information being sent through this method.

Friends, Constituents and Others - Newsletters, event registration confirmations and, online giving confirmations are all sent through this mail system.  If you opt out globally, you will not receive any of these notifications. 

If you are opting out from an email link, the only way to unblock your email is by using the same link from that email.  If it is possible you may want to receive seminary email in the future, please keep the email so you can later opt back in.


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